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Mmoexp FC 24:One thing you can always count on with FIFA

EA Sports FC 24, the latest installment in the long-running FIFA franchise, arrives with a mix of excitement and disappointment. The departure of EA from its partnership with FIFA led to a rebranding of the game, but don't expect any radical transformations EA FC Coins . FC 24 follows the familiar formula of iterative upgrades, and while it does offer solid on-pitch gameplay, it falls short in delivering substantial changes and improvements.

On-Pitch Excellence:

One thing you can always count on with FIFA games is the quality of on-pitch gameplay, and FC 24 is no exception. The core mechanics remain tight, responsive, and enjoyable. FIFA has built its reputation on delivering a realistic and engaging football experience, and FC 24 maintains that tradition.

The introduction of HyperMotion technology, labeled HyperMotion V, brings even more lifelike animations to the game. While it's an appreciated addition, it doesn't revolutionize the gameplay. Signature run styles for players and the play styles system, which allocates specific attributes based on strengths and specialties, provide some variety but aren't groundbreaking changes.

Subtle Gameplay Tweaks:

While FC 24 keeps the essence of FIFA gameplay intact, it does make some subtle tweaks. The game emphasizes attacking play over defensive strategies, altering the overall pace. However, these changes won't drastically alter the gameplay experience, and fans of the series will still find themselves in familiar territory.

Refreshing UI and Broadcast Presentation:

The game introduces noticeable changes in its menus and user interface. FC 24 boasts cleaner and sleeker menus to align with its new brand identity. Additionally, it enhances the broadcast presentation with pre-match, post-match, and halftime cutscenes. These cutscenes, while adding a layer of realism, lack interactivity and unique audio, making them more cosmetic than substantial gameplay additions cheap FC 24 Coins . The removal of pre-match walkouts and lineups detracts from the authentic matchday experience.

Career Mode Frustrations:

One of the major letdowns in FC 24 is its career mode. Despite promising improvements, it largely retains the same framework as previous iterations. Building a coaching staff and managing training plans seem like interesting additions, but they have minimal impact on team performance and ultimately feel like busywork. The one-off training sessions before matches are merely a reskinned version of previous mini-games, offering little innovation.

Scouting reports for opponents provide little insight into their playing style, falling short of expectations. Overall, career mode lacks the depth and engagement that fans had hoped for.

Missed Opportunities:

EA Sports FC 24 had a unique opportunity to redefine the FIFA experience with its rebranding. However, it chose to play it safe and stick to the tried-and-tested formula. The result is an incremental update that fails to address long-standing issues and introduce meaningful innovations.


In summary, EA Sports FC 24, formerly known as FIFA, delivers solid on-pitch gameplay that fans have come to expect from the franchise. However, it falls short in terms of substantial changes and improvements. Career mode enhancements feel shallow, and the removal of pre-match walkouts and lineups is a disappointment.

EA had a chance to make a bold statement with its rebranding but chose to stay within the comfort zone of familiarity. While the core gameplay remains enjoyable, FC 24 misses the mark in delivering the significant changes that fans were hoping for. It's a reminder that sometimes playing it safe can lead to missed opportunities for innovation in the gaming industry.


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